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Name Title Email Phone Web site
Jones, Ben Director of Security Email
Karkau, Eric Chief Technology Officer Email 931-398-5333
Karkau, Jami Assistant to Mr. Hixson Email 931-486-1002
Knox, Pernell Athletic Director Email
Kodatt, John Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Lansdell, Charlie Instructor / Coach Email 931-388-4518
Love, Laurie Instructor Email 931-388-4518
Loveall, Melissa Development Assistant Email 931-388-5363
Loveless, Kelley Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Mainord, Michele Kindergarten Aid Email 931-486-1002
McCullough, Carrie Teacher Email 931-486-1002
McDonald, Lauren Preschool Assistant Director Email 931-388-4373
Morgan, Jessica Administrative Assistant Email
Murphy, Mary Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Newkirk, Ella Email
Nicholson, Tammy Instructor Email 931-388-4518
O'Bryan, Shelby Instructor Email
Owens, Celia Instructor Email 931-388-4518
Parrett, Suzi Teacher Email 931-388-4373
Parsons, Christi Teacher Email 931-388-4373
Pearce, Cynthia Lead Preschool Teacher Email 931-797-6654
Phillips, Denita Instructor Email 931-388-4518
Phillips, Kathryn teacher Email 931-388-4518
Pinkston, Sharon Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Pogue, Shirley Bookkeeper Email 931-388-5363
Powell, Jill Administrative Assistant Email 615-388-5369
Pulse, Clint Academic Director Email
Pulse, Heather Office Manager Email
Reece, Karen Assistant Email 931-388-5369
Reed, Katie Instructor Email 931-486-1002
Roberson, Andrea Instructor Email 931-388-5363
Robertson, Jana Secretary Email 931-388-4518
Robinson, Kari Librarian Asst Email 931-388-5369
Schwartz, Amy Instructor Email
Scott, Mandy Director Email 931-388-4373
Scott, Zach Instructor Email
Shrader, Michelle Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Smith, Brittany 2nd Grade Teacher Email 931-388-5363
Smith, Robin School Counselor/Teacher Email 931-388-5369
Smith, Russell Minister/Teacher Email 931-388-5369
Spears, Becky Teacher Email 931-388-4518
Staggs, Kim Reading Specialist Email 931-388-4518
Staggs, Lee Ann Instructor Email 931-486-1002
Tatom, Sarah Photographer/Teacher Email 931-388-5363
Thomas, James School Administrator Email 931-380-8509
Thomas, Jan Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Thomas, Natalie Instructor Email 931-388-4518
Thomason, Julie Instructor Email 931-388-4518
Thomason, Trent Instructor Email 931-388-5369
Voss, Emily teacher Email 931-388-4518
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