At every level of leadership at Columbia Academy, we are blessed to have men and women who love the Lord and consider their individual roles as ministries in God's service. While we are fortunate that Christian leadership governs our school, we are also blessed that our administrators and support staff are skilled professionals in their given roles.

President - Dr. James Thomas  (President's Office - Jamie Cook, 931-380-8509)

Chief Financial Officer - Andrew Williams, 931-398-5360

Vice President for Development - Lisa Bennett (President's Office - Jamie Cook, 931-380-8509)

High School Principal - Jon Bennett   (Office - Karen Reece, Jill Powell, 931-388-5369)

Lower School Principal - Trent Hill   (Office - Jana Robertson, Benja White, 931-388-4518)

Spring Hill Campus Principal - Nathan Hixson  (Office - 931-486-1002)

Director of Academics - Dr. Eric Hixson, 931-388-5363

Director of Marketing & Admissions - Emily Lansdell, 931-398-5355

Athletic Director - Pernell Knox, 931-388-5369

Director of Technology - Eric Karkau, 931-398-5333

Campus Minister - Ben Diles, 931-388-5369

Guidance Counselor - Delores Lee, Robin Smith, 931-388-5369

Preschool - Mandy Scott, Lauren McDonald, 931-388-4373

Business Office - Kyla Harris, 931-398-5362 / Shirley Pogue, 931-398-5361

Columbia Academy Board of Directors

Jim Pollard, Chairman                Beth Foster, Vice-Chairman

Phillip Young, Secretary             Jacob Love, Treasurer

Joel Oswalt                                 Tim Garrison

Brenda McClure                          Kevin Thompson

Vickie Cofer                                David Heffington

Rick Whitley                                Mike Forsthoff

Warren Robinson                        Seth Lasater