Eighth Grade



Eighth grade Bible covers Joshua through II Samuel in the fall semester and Acts in the spring semester. Emphasis in the fall is placed upon background facts, a chapter by chapter study, and a thorough treatment of Bible geography as it pertains to each book. The second semester includes an extensive study of Acts. A brief study of the author and text background precedes a verse by verse treatment of the book. The student will gain a general understanding of the content and its relevance to other Bible books.


Eighth grade English is a year-long introductory course into the basics of the English language. This course covers the eight parts of speech, parts of the sentence, phrases, clauses, word usage, mechanics, and punctuation. The use of these concepts in the written word is also explored and practiced. Methods used to teach this course are class lecture, practice exercises from the text, and enrichment exercises provided by the teacher. The TCAP writing test is given in the third quarter of eighth grade to measure writing proficiency through an expository essay.


Eighth grade literature is a two-semester reading skills program that uses a variety of literature activities. It is organized into eight themes, and the material is arranged so that students build a step-by-step understanding of literary works. Students read several short story selections with an emphasis on plot and character. Several of the reading selections called “Faces of Dignity” are integrated with the eighth grade American history class. During the second semester, the students study poetry, plays, and novels. Vocabulary studies are completed each week, and supplementary reading is required both during the school year and in the summer prior to eighth grade.

Social Studies

Eighth grade American history is a two-semester history course that surveys American history from the times of the Native Americans to the 1980’s. Emphasis is placed on understanding the people and events that have helped shape our culture, politics, and laws.

Algebra I AB

Algebra I AB is a course designed to teach the first half of the Algebra I curriculum. Students will then complete the remainder of the Algebra I curriculum in Algebra I CD the ninth grade year. After successfully completing Algebra I CD in the ninth grade, high school credit will be awarded for Algebra I. Required materials: Calculator

Algebra I

Algebra I places emphasis upon basic algebra processes.Topics for instruction include integers, algebraic operations, linear equations, word problems, polynomials, graphing, radicals, and quadratics. The entire Algebra I curriculum is covered in this class. Students will receive a high school math credit and the grade will count in the high school GPA. Students need to have a teacher recommendation in order to take this course. Required Materials: Calculator (TI-83 recommended)


Life science will cover four units: from bacteria to plants, animals, cells and heredity, and human biology and health. Some dissecting may be done.

Physical Education

During this period, students are involved in activities that build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Units of team sports and sport-related discussions are included in the program. These are designed to help students develop a positive self-image and attitude toward physical education and wellness.


The students learn the home row operation and other input technologies to produce mailable business and academic documents. They learn skills in the creation of power point presentations and some basics of desktop publishing.  

Middle School Band

Middle school band is for individuals who have completed beginning band and methods and are ready to progress to the next level of musicianship. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take private lessons. The purpose of the middle school band program is to promote musicianship individually and within an ensemble. Students are expected to participate in all scheduled performances and are encouraged to participate in solo and ensemble competitions, and to try out for mid-state band. Prerequisites: None, Suggested Grade Level: 7-8