Fifth Grade


The fifth grade Bible curriculum focuses on the Old Testament books of I & II Kings through Psalms as well as the books of Matthew through John from the New Testament. Critical thinking skills are elevated through an exploration of Christian evidences, emphasizing the absolute existence of God. Committing to memory specific Bible verses, students are encouraged to live a faith-based life.

Language Arts
The fifth grade language arts curriculum is designed for specific reading and writing strategies along with speaking and listening skills. The instruction of skills is specific to improving understanding through use of various types of reading material. Vocabulary building is attained through use of dictionaries, context clues, and interactive activities. The Scott Foresman series is used along with a variety of award-winning novels. The students read various genres of books on their reading level with a goal of comprehension and fluency shown through various methods.

For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.

The fifth grade math curriculum encompasses review and instruction in basic math operations including the following: basic operations of whole numbers, fractions, percents, basic geometry, problem solving, and critical thinking. The IXL program is also incorporated into the program. For students who are not performing well in math, our Lower School Math Specialist is available to work in small groups with students during the school day.

The fifth grade science curriculum covers the structure of plants and animals, the earth and it’s resources, the weather and climate, properties of matter, motion, and energy. Throughout the year, vocabulary and investigations are utilized for further understanding. Skills such as interpreting graphs and charts are also emphasized.

Social Studies
The fifth grade social studies curriculum uses the Scott Foresman textbook titled “Growth of a Nation”.  This course includes understanding the geography, history, culture, government, economics, science, and technology of Tennessee and the United States. The historical study of our country begins with the Civil War and brings the students forward until the present day.