First Grade


First grade students learn about Jesus’ interaction with man through studying the New Testament. Focus will also be on building a Christ-like character in each student.

Language Arts
The Language Arts curriculum integrates phonics and writing concepts along with reading. A word wall is used to introduce new vocabulary and high frequency words. We also incorporate a guided reading program which includes whole group, small group learning, and literacy centers.
For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.

A new program called Math Connects is used in first grade. This program is designed to promote growth and understanding of number concepts; addition, subtraction, telling time, money, measurement, and problem solving.

Social Studies
Subjects to be covered include discussing our families, our school, community, and map skills. We also talk about historical figures and holidays, and participate in a community service project.

Our study includes the components of earth science, physical science, states of matter, the five senses, and weather.