Fourth Grade


The fourth grade Bible curriculum focuses on the Old Testament books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth, as well as the books of Acts and James from the New Testament. Critical thinking skills are elevated through an exploration of Christian evidences, emphasizing the existence of God. Committing to memory specific Bible verses, students are encouraged to live a faith-based life placing God first, other second, and self last.

Language Arts
The fourth grade language arts curriculum is an in-depth study of reading, writing, spelling, and language components. Grammar, communication, genres of writing, research, informational text, media, and literature are integrated into the English portion. Reading classes are delivered to ensure that developing sound reading and listening skills will produce mastery in word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of both fiction and non-fiction. For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.

The fourth grade math curriculum addresses review and an expansion of basic math operations such as multiplication, division, and subtraction. Throughout the year, the following concepts are studied: place value, algebraic patterns, organizing and displaying data, decimals and fractions, adding and subtracting decimals and fractions, geometric figures, and measurement. The IXL program software program is also incorporated into the curriculum. For students who are not performing well in math, our Lower School Math Specialist is available to work in small groups with students during the school day.

The fourth grade science curriculum includes units on Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. It includes the implementing of the Scientific method, using the textual features in non-fiction reading, study habits, and highlights vocabulary. Demonstrations and hands-on activities are presented and followed by reflective writing.  

Social Studies
The fourth grade social studies curriculum consists of culture, economics, geography, governance, civics, America’s beginnings, and an examination of various individuals, groups, and interactions, which shape present day America. Various fieldtrips enrich the curriculum.