More than any other time in your child’s education, Kindergarten is a very special and memorable transition for children and parents. It’s the first time your child enters into “big school” and away from the different pre-school environments they may have known. Although it’s an exciting and positive transition, it’s also a realization that your little ones are starting to grow up as they move into a new world of learning.

At Columbia Academy, our highly trained Kindergarten teachers and staff are also parents who have walked this path with their own children. Our goal is to provide the absolute best educational foundation during this important year to ensure your child is ready for first grade and beyond. We work daily to provide this preparation in a loving and encouraging Christian environment that will give your child the confidence to thrive.


At Columbia Academy, we want to ensure our students are able to compete academically with students across our state and country. To accomplish this, we use the Tennessee State Standards as a foundation for learning, but enjoy the freedom to identify and choose various teaching methods and resources to help us meet those standards. Below are the curriculum details in our Kindergarten program:


Resources: Positive Action Bible Curriculum and Beginner Bible. This curriculum touches on all of the main Bible stories appropriate for young children. Students learn a memory verse every two weeks, attend school wide worship three times a week, and participate in character development activities and lessons.


Resources: Math Connects textbook by McGraw-Hill, a math notebook and daily interactive calendar activities which focuses on higher level thinking skills. Teachers use small group instruction individualized for each child’s needs with a wide range of hands-on opportunities to solve problems, reason and think, and communicate their ideas to teachers and peers.


Resources: Scott Foresman Reading, Saxon Phonics/Phonemic Awareness, and Reading A-Z, which incorporates guided reading and small literacy groups that target each child’s individual reading level. For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.


Resources: Handwriting without Tears (letter formation). Students also participate in the Writer’s Workshop that offers writing instruction on each child’s level while teaching the process of writing. 

Science & Social Studies

Resources: Thematic units based on state and national standards. Students explore a wide range of topics in Science - life, earth, and physical sciences; and Social Studies - learning about self through the community, family, world and our past.

Special Areas

Kindergarten students at Columbia Academy enjoy specialized teachers and dedicated curriculum time throughout the week incoporating five different areas - art, music, computer technology, library and physical education. At the Columbia campus, these disciplines are integrated into our Total Learning Concepts or TLC program during the Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten years. All Kindergarten students also benefit from use of our Apple iPad One-to-One program during learning centers.

Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Columbia Academy follows the Tennessee state standards that require children to be five-years old no later than August 15 of the same year they begin Kindergarten. For younger students, our Jr. Kindergarten program is an ideal program to help bridge the gap between a traditional pre-school program and Kindergarten.

After applying for Kindergarten at Columbia Academy, our teachers will conduct an assessment of applicants to determine if they are emotionally and cognitively ready for Kindergarten. Below are some of the key components of readiness for a Kindergarten student:

•          Ability to recognize upper and lowercase letters

•          Ability to write first name with appropriate upper and lower case letters.

•          Recognize numbers 0-10

•          Recognize colors

•          Recognize basic shapes

•          Count to 20

•          Cut on a straight line (holding scissors correctly)

•          Color within lines

•          Be attentive during a read aloud story

How to Apply for Kindergarten?

To schedule a visit to campus and our Kindergarten classrooms, contact our Admissions Office at 931-398-5355 or email When you're ready to apply as a NEW student to Columbia Academy, you begin by completing a New Student Application online - CLICK HERE. CURRENT preschool and Jr. Kindergarten students at Columbia Academy will only be required to complete a re-enrollment contract that is issued in the early spring.