Lower School at CA

Welcome to the Lower School at Columbia Academy! The lower school years from Kindergarten through the sixth grade represent some of the most important years in a child's life. Developmentally, so much changes from year to year. It's critical during these years that children are at a school that supports these changes with encouragement and opportunities for growth. At Columbia Academy, we work hard to provide what our children need and continually strive for measurable academic excellence.

Over the past several years, our entire educational family has worked diligently to provide our children with all the tools essential to achievement at the highest level. Our highly qualified teachers work as a team to provide a progressive, innovative approach to learning. Our efforts are continuing to pay off as we watch our students excel across the spectrum.

Using the Tennessee Academic Standards as a curriculum foundation only, we are blessed as a private school to have the flexibility to work outside this structure. That same flexibility allows us choose what works for our students, providing them with enhanced learning opportunities that also align with our Christian mission. To quantify our progress, we currently assess our students in the third through sixth grade with the ACT Aspire test each year. Our teachers are also assessed annually with regular evaluations while being provided with opportunities for professional growth and continuing education.

As a graduate of Columbia Academy, I am proud to see how our school has grown and continues to grow. What I love about our school is its ability to transform young people - academically, personally and most importantly, spiritually. Thank you so much for your interest in the Lower School at Columbia Academy. I hope to see you as part of our school family!

Trent Hill, Lower School Principal