Second Grade


The Bible curriculum for second grade includes teaching both the Old and New Testaments. We begin the year with the Creation, and conclude with Jesus ascending to heaven. We also incorporate lessons on character building such as respect, integrity, and responsibility. Many service projects are scheduled such as a canned food drive and adopting families for Christmas.

Language Arts
The language arts curriculum incorporates guided reading, while also using a program called Learning A-Z. It is supplemented with grammar, phonics, spelling, and creative writing.  Accelerated Reader is a part of the overall curriculum. Centers are often used to incorporate language arts skills. Students read in a variety of ways such as partnering with students in other grades, and having “Mystery Readers” to come read to the class.  Students use iPads for AR tests, learning skills, and educational games.

For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.

The math curriculum incorporates problem solving strategies throughout the school year. Math instruction is implemented by TN Math Connects curriculum and through the use of centers and manipulatives. Students continue addition and subtraction, while also learning time, money, place value, graphing, and estimation. Students use iPads to reinforce math skills with educational math games and apps.

The science curriculum includes learning about plants, weather, habitats, rocks and minerals, states of matter, and sound. Students have individual projects that coincide with these topics. The students also do experiments that relate to the curriculum.

Social Studies
The social studies curriculum incorporates Colonial America through present age. It also includes topics such as: communities, local, state, and federal governments, and learning about cities, states, countries, and continents. Map skills such as diagrams, charts, and graphs are used.  Students have individual projects throughout the school year that coincide with these topics.