Seventh Grade



Seventh grade Bible is a daily, two-semester class which covers the books of Genesis through Deuteronomy in the fall semester and John in the spring semester. Emphasis is placed on how God worked in the lives of people in the Old Testament and on Jesus’ teachings in the book of John. Students are always encouraged to apply the Biblical principles learned from their class to life in today’s world.


Seventh grade English is a two-semester course that offers an extensive study of the English language, including the parts of speech, mechanics, and usage. A variety of activities such as creative writing, journal entries, and grammar activities are assigned so students can improve their mastery of the English language. Students complete a research paper of three to four pages.

Literature and Spelling

Seventh grade literature is a reading skills program designed to help students with comprehension. It also teaches an appreciation of good literature. This course is organized into units of short stories, myths, legends, poetry, and drama. Spelling is also taught during this period on a weekly basis. There is a summer reading requirement prior to the opening of the school year. Outside reading is a requirement during the school year.

Social Studies

This course is one semester of Tennessee history and one semester of world geography. Tennessee history is a study of land regions, cities, and landmarks as well as the history that shaped Tennessee.  The one semester of world geography covers geographical and cultural studies of several nations.  


Earth science is the study of earth and space. Four major topics are studied: inside earth, earth’s changing surface, weather and climate, and astronomy.


Pre-algebra is a junior high course designed to prepare the student for Algebra I. The topics covered in pre-algebra are equations, problem-solving, number theory, fractions, decimals, whole numbers, probability, percent, the coordinate plane, right triangle, polynomials, and plane geometry.
Required materials: Calculator

Pre-Algebra Lab

This is a period that alternates days with the physical education class. Students will receive additional instruction and help with the pre-algebra math curriculum.

Physical Education

Junior high physical education is required of all 7th grade students. During this period, students are involved in activities that build strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Units of team sports and sport-related discussions are included in the program. These are designed to help students develop a positive self-image and attitude toward physical education and wellness.

Middle School Band

Middle school band is for individuals who have completed beginning band and methods and are ready to progress to the next level of musicianship. Students are encouraged, but not required, to take private lessons. The middle school band program is to promote musicianship individually and within an ensemble. Students are expected to participate in all scheduled performances and are encouraged to participate in solo and ensemble competitions, and to try out for mid-state band.
Prerequisites: None
 Suggested Grade Level: 7-8