Third Grade


We study the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy in the fall semester. In the spring semester we study miracles, parables, and the Sermon on the Mount. Students memorize scriptures weekly according to the Bible lessons.

The third grade math curriculum is from the Math Connects from McGraw-Hill aligned with the Tennessee Academic Standards. There are a variety of concepts taught; some include multiplication, division, and more advanced number sense concepts.
For students who are not performing well in math, our Lower School Math Specialist is available to work in small groups with students during the school day.

The third grade English text is from the Houghton-Mifflin book that is aligned to the Tennessee Academic Standards. There are multiple concepts taught.  A few are the usage of nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, capitalization, and punctuation. There are a variety of writing skills taught across the subject areas.

Everyday Spelling from Scott Foresman is used to teach Spelling. In each weekly unit students learn new words along with several phonetic awareness and English skills. The students have a test over the words at the end of the week.

The Scott Foresman Reading series is used to teach Reading. There is a vocabulary and comprehension test at the end of each story. Along with the text book, outside reading sources are used as well.  Accelerated Reader, fully supported by scientifically-based research, personalizes reading practice to each student’s current level, improving student’s reading achievement.
For students who are struggling to read at grade level, our Lower School Reading Specialist is available for small group work to help bridge the gap before the student is promoted to the next grade level.

The McGraw-Hill Science text book is used to facilitate learning in the following topics: How Living Things Function, Matter, The Earth and Space, Energy, and Change. Along with the text book, students participate in hands-on activities and community outreach programs.

Social Studies
Scott Foresman Communities text book allows the students to take a journey from our local community to the global community. Map skills, timeliness, types of government, and changes and inventions are studied along the way. Third grade takes part in our community wide recycling program, which is located on our campus.

In reviewing manuscript and teaching cursive, we use the Zaner-Bloser workbook.