Total Learning Concepts

What is TLC?

Although we consistently provide "Tender Loving Care" at Columbia Academy, we add to that a program for our Jr. K and Kindergarten called TLC or "Total Learning Concepts." TLC is a cutting-edge program designed to prepare our Jr. K and K for success in the classroom. We do this by using movement based learning activities that stimulate the brain and foster right/left brain development.  The program involves cross-curricular areas of art, guidance, library, music and physical education.

Current literature and research on early childhood development reveal that many students (regardless of socio-economic status) lack early childhood movement, artistic and musical experiences that stimulate and prepare the brain for academic learning. Research has suggested that the total amount of time spent by infants lying on their backs and riding in car seats for long periods of time interfere with basic motor and vision development. Too often, the television and computer screens have taken the place of experiential play and activity.

Daily participation in our TLC program prepares children better for the readiness challenges they face in their classrooms. We have found that shorter doses of daily, consistent participation in this program are a better approach than the traditional 30-45 minute classes meeting once or twice a week.

In other schools, similar programs have helped to better prepare first grade students to learn reading, writing and mathematics. Students at Columbia Academy participating in TLC have already demonstrated skills and confidence in all special areas (art, guidance, library, music and physical education) that surpass results obtained prior to implementation of TLC.