Two-Year Olds

Our two-year old program is designed to promote an atmosphere of development for our Terrific Twos. The program is full of creativity and designed to offer an outlet for all that energy packed into the life of a two-year old. Group time, arts, music, science, story time and a playground equipped with all the things a two-year old loves will give them the stimulation they need to develop and grow into a healthy and happy pre-schooler.

The teachers of our two-year olds are warm and caring, enabling each child to successfully transition into a daily routine that stimulates their independence while still giving them the nurturing attention they need. Separation from home into a preschool environment is a key factor during your child’s first few weeks of school. Our staff is well-trained in this area to make this transition as easy as possible for our new children with lots of one-on-one time and loads of TLC. Language development is part of everything that goes on in their daily routine as things and events are talked about, explained and explored. “Potty training” is incorporated into their daily routine with a relaxed attitude enabling each child the opportunity to progress at his/her own rate of development.

Our Terrific Twos are introduced to new skills and concepts as well as nursery rhymes through a variety of songs, finger plays and art projects giving them the foundation they need as they continue to the next stage of development.